Command Line Interface

Sentinelsat’s CLI is divided into two commands:

  • sentinel search to query and download a number of images over an area
  • sentinel download to download individual images by their unique identifier


A basic search query consists of a search polygon as well as the username and password to access the Copernicus Open Access Hub.

sentinel search [OPTIONS] <user> <password> <geojson>

Search areas are provided as GeoJSON polygons, which can be created with QGIS or If you do not specify a start and end date only products published in the last 24 hours will be queried.

Start and end dates refer to the acquisition date given by the beginPosition of the products, i.e. the start of the acquisition time.


Search and download all Sentinel-1 scenes of type SLC, in descending orbit for the year 2015.

sentinel search -s 20150101 -e 20151231 -d \
--producttype SLC -q "orbitdirection=Descending" \
-u "" <user> <password> poly.geojson

Download a single Sentinel-1 GRDH scene covering Santa Claus Village in Finland on Christmas Eve 2015.

sentinel download --md5 -u "" <user> <password> a9048d1d-fea6-4df8-bedd-7bcb212be12e


Search and download Sentinel-2 scenes for January 2016 with a maximum cloud cover of 40%.

sentinel search -s 20160101 -e 20160131 --sentinel 2 --cloud 40 -d <user> <password> <poly.geojson>

Download all Sentinel-2 scenes published in the last 24 hours.

sentinel search --sentinel 2 -d <user> <password> <poly.geojson>

sentinel download

sentinel download [OPTIONS] <user> <password> <productid>


-p --path PATH Set the path where the files will be saved.
-u --url TEXT Define another API URL. Default URL is ‘‘.
  --md5   Verify the MD5 checksum and write corrupt product ids and filenames to corrupt_scenes.txt.
  --version   Show version number and exit.