Install sentinelsat through pip:

pip install sentinelsat


To run the tests on sentinelsat:

git clone
cd sentinelsat
pip install -e .[dev]
pytest -v

By default, prerecorded responses to Copernicus Open Access Hub queries are used to not be affected by its downtime. To allow the tests to run actual queries against Copernicus Open Access Hub set the environment variables

export DHUS_USER=<your scihub username>
export DHUS_PASSWORD=<your scihub password>

and add --disable-vcr to pytest arguments. To update the recordings use --vcr-record with once, new_episodes or all. See vcrpy docs for details. There are two minor issues to keep in mind when recording unit tests VCRs.

  1. Between calls a formerly offline product can become available, if the previous call triggered its LTA retrieval.
  2. dhus and apihub have different md5 hashes for products with the same UUID.

Supported Python versions

Sentinelsat has been tested with Python versions 3.5+. Earlier Python 3 versions are expected to work as well, as long as the dependencies are fulfilled.

Optional dependencies

The convenience functions to_dataframe() and to_geodataframe() require pandas and/or geopandas to be present.