Command Line Interface

Sentinelsat’s CLI is divided into two commands:

  • sentinel search to query and download a number of images over an area
  • sentinel download to download individual images by their unique identifier


A basic search query consists of a search polygon as well as the username and password to access the Scihub.

sentinel search [OPTIONS] <user> <password> <geojson>

Search areas are provided as GeoJSON polygons, which can be created with QGIS or If you do not specify a start and end date only products published in the last 24 hours will be queried.

Start and end dates refer to the acquisition date given by the beginPosition <> of the products, i.e. the start of the acquisition time.


Search and download all Sentinel-1 scenes of type SLC, in descending orbit for the year 2015.

sentinel search -s 20150101 -e 20151231 -d \
-q 'producttype=SLC, orbitdirection=Descending' \
-u '' <user> <password> <poly.geojson>

Download a single Sentinel-1 GRDH scene covering Santa Claus Village in Finland on Christmas Eve 2015.

sentinel download --md5 -u '' <user> <password> a9048d1d-fea6-4df8-bedd-7bcb212be12e


Search and download Sentinel-2 scenes for January 2016 with a maximum cloud cover of 40%.

sentinel search -s 20160101 -e 20160131 --sentinel2 --cloud 40 <user> <password> <poly.geojson>

Download all Sentinel-2 scenes published in the last 24 hours.

sentinel search --sentinel2 <user> <password> <poly.geojson>

sentinel download

sentinel download [OPTIONS] <user> <password> <productid>


-p –path PATH Set the path where the files will be saved.
-u –url TEXT Define another API URL. Default URL is ‘‘.
  –md5   Verify the MD5 checksum and write corrupt product ids and filenames to corrupt_scenes.txt.